Serving Our Neighbors in Need

Vehicle Donations

Vehicle Donations


You can make a difference by donating your car to The Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

You can drive it to us, or we'll come and tow it.

Then we'll sell it at one of our 145+ U.S. auction locations, and  pass along the proceeds to the Belleville Council of The Society of St.  Vincent de Paul.

You'll make a difference to a person, a family, our community - and  to the environment through your vehicle donation. Your may even get a  tax break, too!

Vehicle Donation Brochure (pdf)

Vehicle Donation Flier 1 (pdf)

Vehicle Donation Flier 2 (pdf)

Why donate to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul? 

  • Used vehicles may be turned into critical items for those in need,  including food, clothing, shelter, care for the elderly, or medicine.
  • Depending on its condition, your old vehicle may provide  transportation for someone in need, allowing them the dignity of keeping  a job to support a family.
  • The car will be picked up within 24 hours.
  • The tax paperwork will be sent back to you.
  • Best of all, unlike similar vehicle donation programs sponsored by  other nonprofit organizations, your donation will be tied directly to  the Belleville Illinois Council and the communities it serves.
  • That means your contribution will benefit someone in our immediate area.