Serving Our Neighbors in Need

Night Drop-In Center

The Night Drop-In Center is a new facility that is open from 7:00 pm – 7:00 am daily as a  “safe haven” for all who come to spend the night. It is a “bridge” to existing services already provided by the Outreach Ministry where people access resources to assist in moving out of homelessness to housing.

Drop-In Center Contact 

Phone: 618.646.9059

Fax: 618.646.9060  

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During January and February the Drop-In Center has averaged 50 homeless people per night.

Dusk-to-Dawn Night Drop-In Center


The large Cross is the focal point of the building from the street view and offers comfort and rest for all who enter.

Inside the Drop-In Center


The Drop-In Center is designed to be a respite from the outside elements where people can come to get a comfortable night's sleep. Large, zero-gravity chairs recline into a horizontal position.  Guests "drop-in" to rest in this climate controlled facility.

Drop-In Center Features


The Drop-In Center is very well lighted, inside and out. Security is a high priority consisting of a camera system, a metal detector and an off-duty police officer in the building all night. There is a separate, enclosed "child room" for mothers with babies.


The Night Drop-In Center is located to the rear of the Soup Kitchen and Outreach Ministry Center where programs and services are offered daily.

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